Cantaloop Adjustable Drop Cup Feeding/Nursing Bra - Medium/White

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We have designed our adjustable nursing bras to provide optimum comfort and support when breastfeeding. The bras are made of super-soft microfibre material that will not only adjust to the changing breast, but are also very quick-drying and breathable.

The Cantaloop nursing bras are designed to fit perfectly right all the way through, even if a woman chooses to wear it in her pregnancy, and through to nursing her baby. Thanks to our innovative fabric technology, no fitting is required. With Cantaloop, simply check which size is needed on the clear chart and buy it safe in the knowledge that it will fit perfectly.

The Cantaloop nursing bras will adapt to the changing breast size. During breastfeeding, each breast expands and subsides independently up to two cup sizes as the milk fills and the baby feeds. This ability to adapt to suit the changing body means there is no need to buy different bras for before and after birth and the Cantaloop bra always gives a perfect fit during nursing.

The design is convenient and practical, as well as enjoyable to wear. The bras feature a drop-cup system that is easy to open and close with one hand and facilitates discreet, undisturbed breastfeeding. 

The nursing bras have no seams to irritate sensitive skin and thanks to the strong, yet soft and elasticated material, just four Cantaloop sizes will fit more than 95% of all bust dimensions, offering excellent support without the need for underwiring or stiff fabrics 

Available in Black or White - NB. Size 1 = Small Size 2 = Medium Size 3 = Large

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