Dreamgenii Pregnancy, Support and Feeding Pillow White Jersey Cotton

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The dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow boasts a unique patented design for Support and Feeding – this one pillow has a dual function, so you will only need to purchase one pillow to help you through a comfortable, safe pregnancy. The pillow can also be used as a feeding pillow once baby arrives.  The dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of women around the world and is recommended by UK Midwives.

NEW soft feel jersey cotton – for a comfortable, cosy feel
Also available as Pregnancy Support Pillow and Replacement Pillow Cover.
100% cotton jersey cover

Customer Reviews (2)


This is amazing! I had previously bought one from Mamas & Papas which was just basically a long tube and found myself having to bolster my back with another pillow, as I naturally end up lying on my back. This caused quite a restless nights sleep! This pillow is wonderful, you can turn over easily from left to right in the night and it comfortably keeps you on your side. Also worth mentioning i'm 5"11 and I find it long enough too. L.Y

Removable case, and very comfortable to sleep with

About a month after finding out my wife was pregnant, my wife started waking up during the night. She was struggling to sleep and found it very difficult to get comfortable, especially getting pins and needles on her hand, from resting on her hand during the night. After researching the benefits buying a pregnancy pillow, this one seemed to offer the best all round for sleeping at night and using it when the baby arrives. Since my wife has started using the pillow, she has found the pillow a great help sleeping at night and is using it all the time. Definitely recommend this pillow and belive will be used even more when the baby arrives for feeding times. James
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