Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier - Light Grey

SKU: EXP-DG-Snuggleroo-Grey
Colour: Grey
Material: Cotton
Product Type: Baby Carrier

The Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier is a soft comfortable carrier that has been designed to recreate the movement and tight hug of the womb, which has definite physical and emotional benefits for your baby through the calm sense of safety and security it creates. The Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier enables hands-free parenting which can be especially useful for parents with other siblings to attend to.
The carrier is easy to adapt for the perfect fit every time, with two adjustable straps and support band and offers four positions as baby develops - from birth to 12 months. The SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier converts into a convenient travel storage bag and has been uniquely designed to accommodate the International Hip Dysplasia Institute guidelines on safe hip positioning, as it allows baby's hips to fall or spread naturally apart to the side with the thighs supported and the hips and knees bent.

Customer Reviews (3)

Baby Carrier

Received this last week and am fitted I didn't get it sooner. I love to walk and on my country road the pram is not ideal. So I popped my little one in this and easily walked 2.5km on first wear. So easy to adjust while walking. I have a sling that I have to wrap which is great but this suits longer wearing. Absolutely delighted with it. S.Leavy

Works like a dream!

I bought this as I wanted something that could be used from birth and that is easy to put on. It’s absolutely amazing, my baby girl settles in it straight away giving me free hands to go around the house doing the bits I need to and popping out to the shops without dragging a big pram with me! My partner loves using it too! Definitely recommend, it is worth every penny! Toni

No ties or long lengths

I got the snuggleroo for my pre term baby to help bond after nicu and I love it it's easy to use no fussing with long lengths of fabric so quick to put on and adjust very comfortable and does all the things a moby will without the massive lengths to wrap round I'm slim and it fits lovely my hubby is a big man and he has no issue using it ethier best wrap I've ever owned by a long shot Mumtomany
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