Formula Pro Baby Brezza

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Delivery takes up to 5 days from our trusted supplier


The Formula Pro Advanced makes your baby`s bottle by doing with no mess by it being able to measure, mix and heat to the perfect temperature and consistency.

Features -

  • BPA Free
  • Sleek design with dishwasher safe tank
  • Digital control
  • Works with most formulas

How it works?

Simply set the machine up then all it takes is a press of the button and a bottle is made in 30 seconds - think about this timing in the middle of the night! It gives you the ability to customise the perfect bottle for your baby by choosing an amount of Formula from 2-10oz increment's along with a choice in 3 different temperature settings (water dispensing only). This machine works with virtually all brands of Formula and all bottle brands and sizes.

Setting up is simple

Add boiled water to the tank each morning, fill the Formula container, use the LCD control panel to set the bottle size and temperature and you are ready to go. The water tank is easily accessible with a wide top opening for easy filling, and it is also removable for cleaning and has the bonus of being dishwasher safe. The Formula container holds enough powder for 20x8oz bottles which is airtight, keeping the powder fresh.

An advanced way to make a warm, formula bottle instantly by mixing, heating and dispensing formula or water at the perfect consistency saving you up to 30 minutes per day.

Customize any bottle by choosing 1 oz. increments from 2-10 ounces and selecting from 3 temperature settings.

Digital control and an LCD control panel makes set-up quick and easy with no manual adjustments.


12 Month Warranty


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