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Fred Screw Fit Clear View Stairgate

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Keep your rooms safe and secure with the Fred Screw Fit Clear View Stairgate.

What's included

  • 1 x Fred Screw Fit Clear View Stairgate
  • 1 x  Wall and Skirting Kit
  • Fittings and installation tools including a mini spirit level

The clear view design uses a unique professional grade, clear acrylic blend so you can ensure your child’s safety without having to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home. Stunningly clear, but still strong and durable, the stairgates sturdy unobtrusive fittings are sure to put your mind at rest when toddlers are on the move.

Product Description 

The crystal-clear design makes it easy to check on your child if you are on the other side of the gate.

The extra wide gate design extends up to 105cm wide and can be fitted on both the outside and inside of an opening.

The Fast-Mount™ 180° wall installation allows a perfect fit, even on angled walls and over quarter round mouldings, pipes or wires.

Uses a manual 2-way magnetic locking system and a slam shut auto-lock function, which is impossible for little ones to unlock.

Features a visual colour alert to draw attention to the gate if it is left unlocked.

Bite-proof and lick-safe finishes are used throughout the gate.


Complies with European safety standards EN 1930 for safety barriers and all the relevant clauses of the EN71 series for toy safety.

A recommended Safety Solution by WHICH?


Size + Fit

Fits openings between 76-105cm wide, can be placed on the inside and outside an opening.

Stands at 77cm tall so children cannot climb over.

Includes all fittings for fixing to woodwork or brick walls and uses 4 screws, which is less than the standard 6 screws used for other stairgates.

As there is no trip bar this gate can be placed in any and is also suitable for wheelchair users.


Look after me 

Please follow the fitting and removal instructions provided.

Use a glass cleaner to remove any marks that appear on the acrylic.

Check the gate regularly and tighten any fittings which may have loosened throughout use.


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