Temp Pal Bluetooth Smart Thermometer

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Temp Pal is a smart and wearable thermometer that continuously measures your body temperature and wirelessly sends temperature readings to a smart phone or tablet.


What's Included?

It is tiny, soft and flexible, child-friendly and comfortable to the skin. A clinically certified smart thermometer that provides accurate measurements, quick pairing and auto rescan keeps you connected. Suitable for small children, couples planning pregnancy, elders, post-surgery or chemotherapy patients Temp Pal is easy to connect with your smart device simple and intuitive.

Product Description 

Temp Pal is designed for real life & your family needs: Wireless thermometer & smart-app, tracks temperature, including Basal Body temperature. The best solution that helps parents monitoring their child's temperature continuously & stress free! Temp Pal helps to measure body temperature automatically and continuously sends the readings to smart devices via Bluetooth and allows for uploading temperature data to the cloud.



Adjusts to body curve and feels comfortable to wear. Using medical-grade Composite TPE material and adopting 3M medical grade adhesive patch. It is soft, skin -friendly breathable hypoallergenic.


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