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Ultimate Baby Central Bundle

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Introducing our ultimate baby bundle! It is crammed full of everything you need for feeding, bathing and sleeping for your new arrival from our favourite Baby-Central brands! Let us do the hard work and pack everything you need into one massive box to get you started on your parenting journey. 

Formula Pro Baby Brezza

The Formula Pro Advanced makes your baby`s bottle by doing with no mess by it being able to measure, mix and heat to the perfect temperature and consistency. Simply set the machine up then all it takes is a press of the button and a bottle is made in 30 seconds - think about this timing in the middle of the night! It gives you the ability to customise the perfect bottle for your baby by choosing an amount of Formula from 2-10oz increment's along with a choice in 3 different temperature settings (water dispensing only). This machine works with virtually all brands of Formula and all bottle brands and sizes.

Owlet Smart Sock V3

The award-winning Smart Sock goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor to tell you the things that really matter, when it really matters. The Smart Sock is the first ever baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep. If your baby’s readings leave preset “safe” zones, you’ll receive a notification that lets you know your baby really needs you. Use the sleep history feature to see how long and how well your baby slept, and use the data to create new routines as your baby grows.

Dr Brown’s Clean Steam Bottle Steriliser and Dryer

Steam clean, dry, store and more! Steam sterilise and dry up to six baby bottles at once, plus breast pump parts, soothers, and teethers with the Dr. Brown’s™ Clean Steam Bottle Steriliser.

Dr Brown’s Insta-Feed Bottle Warmer and Steriliser 

Warm baby bottles and food jars in an instant! The Dr Brown’s Insta-Feed Bottle Warmer and Steriliser warms in as little as 80 seconds – and sterilises small parts.

Dr Brown’s Options+ Essentials Gift Set

From newborn to new sippy skills, the Dr Brown’s™ Options+™ Wide-Neck Bottle Essentials Gift Set grows with baby! Dr Brown’s award-winning baby bottles feature an internal vent system that is clinically proven to reduce colic, burping, and wind, and better preserves nutrients in breast milk and formula. 

Dr Brown's Options+ Anti-Colic Starter Kit 

An excellent kit for complimentary feeding or to try Dr Brown’s bottles. The enhanced design of the Dr Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle is clinically proven to reduce windy colic due to Dr Brown’s unique 100% vacuum-free vent system. Dr Brown’s Options+ bottles offer an easy and comfortable way to feed your little-one, adapting to their needs as they grow. With the unique design, this bottle can be used with or without the removable internal vent system, transforming it into a teat-vented bottle for more convenience. Use Dr Brown’s Options + bottles from birth – don’t wait until your baby develops colic!

Dr Brown’s Bottle Tote

Tote around baby bottles with ease using Dr. Brown’s Convertible Bottle Tote. Bottles stay cool and safe in the insulated Dr Brown’s Convertible Bottle tote bag.

Dr Brown's Natural Flow Bottle and Teat Brush - Orange

The Dr Brown’s Bottle Brush is designed specifically for all Dr Brown’s bottles and features a combination bristle and sponge head to thoroughly scrub bottles clean. A built-in storage clip houses the brush within easy reach.

Dr Brown's Milk Powder Dispenser - pick either Pink or Blue

Transport powdered formula and prepare bottles with ease while you’re out and about with Dr Brown’s Formula Dispenser. Dr Brown’s Formula Dispenser is ideal for travel and holds enough powdered formula to make three 9 oz/270 ml bottles on-the-go.

Dr Brown's PreVent Butterfly Soothers Twin Pack (0-6 M)

The Dr Brown's Soothers help minimise the pressures inside baby's mouth. These pressures can sometimes create dental issues such as cross bites. Palatal pressure is lessened by creating an air channel that reduces suction and spreads apart when baby is sucking. This Patented Suction-Free Air Channel opens up as baby sucks for low pressure comfort. New Butterfly design with 2 Soothers per pack.

Dr Brown's Baby Care Kit 

Put the fun in grooming fundamentals! Dr Brown’s Baby Care Kit has all the essentials to keeping baby cleaned up. The adorable Baby Care Kit features four essential baby care and grooming items in neutral, soft turquoise and white colours. Gently detangle and smooth baby’s fine hair with the soft bristle brush and fine-tooth comb. Clear blockages in baby’s nose with the nasal aspirator and trim up their delicate nails with the rounded-tip nail scissors. Included with the nail scissors is a protective cover for your and baby’s safety. BPA free.

Dr Brown’s Finger Toothbrush 

Brushing time is bonding time with Dr Brown’s™ Finger Toothbrush! Teach baby healthy oral hygiene habits and snuggle up close with the soft 100% silicone Finger Toothbrush.

Aximed Medicine Dispenser

Aximed Medicine dispenser is a safe and effective way to administer medicine to your baby, Aximed is designed by a doctor as the easiest way to give medicine to a baby.

Little Chick Twinkle Night Light Soother - Grey

Soothe baby to sleep under a gorgeous starry night display with heartbeat white noise and soft sounds lullabies. The Little Chick baby sleep aid is a beautiful addition to any nursery and can be used to help baby drift off to sleep or for night feeds. 

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Stage 1 Original, Twin Pack

A modern twist on traditional swaddling. The ingenious Love To Swaddle UP combines all the benefits of a traditional swaddle with the ease-of-use and safety of a sleepsuit. The soft, clingy fabric around the baby replicates the feeling of being in the womb, while arms are up in a natural position and hips are free to wriggle and move. The Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original is a Stage 1 sleepsuit featuring ARMS UP™ and ’hip-healthy’ design that works with your baby’s natural sleeping position to give both parent and child a restful night’s sleep.

Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug & Foam Backrest - White/Grey 

The multi-award winning Shnuggle Bath is designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents and fun for baby.  Suitable from newborn, the clever bum bump helps support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bathtime for babies right up to 12 months plus.  The Shnuggle Baby Bath offers a comfy and cosy bathtime for babies as well as giving new mums and dads confidence to handle their newborn baby at bathtime.

Shnuggle Baby Hooded Towel

Made from a bamboo and cotton blend for extra softness against baby’s delicate skin, the Shnuggle hooded baby towel is perfect for keeping baby cosy at bathtime.

Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer

Pebbly bath thermometer has been designed to quickly and accurately let you know when the water is just the right temperature for baby, taking the stress out of baby’s bathtime.



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