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​How should I clean & sterilise my baby bottles – what is the most practical method for me?:

It's important to sterilise all your baby's feeding equipment, including bottles and teats, until at least 12 months old, as this will protect your baby against bacterial infections.

Dr Brown's Bottle Brush

However, before sterilising it’s extremely important to clean bottles, teats and other feeding equipment in hot, soapy water as soon as possible after feeds. If you sterilise a bottle with milk residue inside, the sterilising process will bake the residue on, so it’s necessary to use a dedicated baby bottle brush to clean bottles first. The Dr Brown’s Bottle Brush features a combination bristle and sponge head to thoroughly clean bottles. The grooved, no-slip handle features chevron channels in the base specifically designed to effectively clean Dr Brown’s bottle teats. The brush design also boasts a suction base which allows you to keep the brush conveniently up right, near the sink. It’s also top rack dishwasher safe.

The Dr Brown’s Electric Steam Steriliser conveniently sterilises 6 bottles in under 10 minutes and boast a handy top basket to sterilise teats, soothers and accessories. Simply place your washed bottles in the main vessel, they don’t need to be stacked neatly, just make sure steam can enter the bottles. Add a cup of water using the cup provided and switch on – the digital display will indicate when the cycle is complete – it’s really that easy!

Dr Brown's Delux Electric Steriliser - User Instructions from Dr Brown's UK on Vimeo.

Dr Brown's Microwave Steriliser

You can also “steam” sterilise 4 bottles in 8-10 minutes (check appliance wattage) using the Dr Brown’s Microwave Steriliser unit. By placing 180ml of cold water into the microwave steriliser unit, put the lid on and place it in your microwave, the power will heat the water to create steam, so effectively sterilising your bottles. The microwave steriliser can be stored in a cupboard and is easily transportable if you propose to travel with baby.

Dr Brown's Microwave Steam Steriliser Bags are easy to use and ideal for travelling. They quickly and effectively sterilise Dr Brown's baby bottles and parts, eliminating 99.9% of most household bacteria and germs. Each bag can be used up to 20 times each. Just add water, seal and pop in the microwave on full power and in around two minutes you're done!

After you've finished sterilising

  • It's best to leave bottles and teats in the steriliser until you need them
  • If you do take them out, put the teats and lids on the bottles straightaway
  • Wash and dry your hands before handling sterilised equipment. Better still, use some sterile tongs
  • Assemble the bottles on a clean, disinfected surface or the upturned lid of the steriliser